Hello my name is eva garner. Welcome to the odyssey fitness website. like some of you, i have struggled with my weight. I tried every diet fad out there and  although I shed a few pounds, nothing made me look and feel the way I wanted to.   It finally hit me one day as I was playing with my daughters that I wanted to be a positive role model and stay active.  I mean, that was our bonding time together.  If I couldn't get down in the floor for leg wars, our days of bonding would be shortened. :)   

This is when I decided to change my lifestyle.  Not only my eating habits but the way i thought about my overall health.  Exercise and clean eating have changed my life for the better.  I'm not saying i don't still have a chocolate brownie every once in a while...i am human after all. but i feel better in my skin, and I have confidence that i didn't have before. i even went as far as to compete in a couple of body building contests.  i'm not going to lie, holding that trophy was like winning the lottery. i was so proud of the achievements i had accomplished by setting my goal and reaching it.  the old saying, "if your mind can conceive it, your body can achieve it" was my mantra.  being a personal trainer has given me the joy of helping others reach their goals and has given me lifelong friendships along the way. My gym members truly are my extended family. They have supported me and the odyssey. if you want to be apart of this incredible gym family, you are always welcome to join us. 

                                                                                      with love,

​                                                                                                 Eva 

a word from ​Eva garner